How do I navigate a course?

How do I navigate a course?

  1. Click here to review how to launch a course in the platform.
  2. Once inside the course, you will see a number of 'tiles.' Each tile contains content in the course. For example, in the screenshot below, Chapter 1 is a 'tile. 

  3. Click on any of the active links in the tile to display that content. Active links are in green, while restricted links are in gray. A restricted link means that the activity is not yet available for you to view it, due to restrictions either on prerequisite activity completions, dates or other. 
  4. Content will display, for the most part, embedded on the page. For example:

    In the example shown above, you have a number of options in the header of the window .
    1. : Opens the activity/file in a new tab or window, depending on your browser.
    2. : Allows you to download, if a file.
    3. : Indicates whether you have met the completion requirement for the activity (a checkmark indicates completion).
    4. : Closes the modal.

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