How do I log into the platform?

How do I log into the platform?

  1. Open your browser, and go to The login page displays.

  2. Enter the username and password provided to you by Circle of Security International in the appropriate fields.
    Important Note: If you are logging into the system for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password.
  3. Click Log In. You are logged into the system and the anding page displays, showing all courses in which you are enrolled in the Course Overview section.

  4. From this page, you have multiple options for viewing the courses in which are enrolled: 
    1. See the status of each of your courses in the progress bar below the course title. 
    2. Filter which courses display by clicking on the Filter drop-down  on the left side.

    3. Display courses in List or Summary mode, instead of Card mode (default) by clicking on the Card section on the top right.

      For example, Summary view is shown below.

    4. Sort courses by Last Accessed instead of title.

    5. Launch a course by clicking on its title.

      The course will display.

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