Browser Requirements

Browser Requirements

  • Mac OS X:
    • Apple Safari Version 11.x and higher
    • Mozilla Firefox version 20.x and higher (recommended)
    • Google Chrome version 75+ (recommended)
  • Windows 10
    • MS Edge
    • IE 11
    • Mozilla Firefox version 70+ (recommended)
    • Google Chrome version 75+ (recommended)

 * Note: If you are having trouble accessing certain course materials or viewing the videos, we recommend you try changing browsers, especially if you are using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. Some of our users have reported issues with Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer when it comes to accessing course videos. We highly recommend you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, instead.

In addition to using the latest version of your preferred browser, we recommend that you adjust the following settings:
  1. Enable Cookies
  2. Enable Javascript (Javascript should already be enabled by default on most browsers)
  3. Install a PDF Reader add-on if your browser does not already have one

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